Turtles and tunes

“Mummy Mummy! Want to see how you do an earthquake?!” asked Babess this morning.  She was very keen and enthusiastic as I was eating my toast.  “Yes, ok then,” I replied, and she immediately dropped to the floor in a perfect “turtle” – kneeling down, head on the floor and arms protectively over her neck.

It gave my heart a pang – it’s great that she knows what to do, and I’m thankful that daycare have obviously discussed and practised it, but I hate to think of all the kids in Christchurch who do it for real every day at the moment, and I hate to think that the same could happen to us at any minute.

Pearl’s choir had a concert this afternoon, in the church whose hall they practise in.  It’s the same church my sister got married in, and where my grandmother was a soloist in her youth, so there’s a lot of family history there.

They all sang beautifully, and it was wonderful to hear the clear sweet voices ring out in the old church.  Fainjin and Babess were not particularly interested, but we managed to keep them tolerably quiet and still, and at least no more disruptive than any of the other children there!

Pearl was thrilled to see that her grandparents, aunt and cousins and even a great-aunt turned out to hear her perform.  She had been worried about singing, having been away for four of the last five practices, but having such strong support there gave her a great boost in confidence.

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