Progress report

Babess had her 3-year-old check up this week with the Plunket nurse.  She was weighed (11.06kg, 24.4lb – with clothes on), and measured (86.5cm, 34.1inches) and is growing appropriately.  She is still waaaay below average height and weight, but as everyone knows, half of all children are below average!

We grinned at some of the development questions.  “Does she sometimes use whole sentences?” No, she speaks in paragraphs.  “Does she use words like ‘go’, ‘me’, ‘in’, ‘big’?” Yes, and ‘travel’, ‘myself’, ‘enormous’.  “Can she count to three?” She can count to about 12.  “Does she tell a story, rhyme or song?” She teaches songs to her big brother.  “Does she sleep through the night?” Since she was 6 weeks old.

She is a happy wee thing, loves her “babies” still and adores the Minnie Mouse she got for her birthday (now given pride of place in the dolly-stroller).  She is close to Fainjin and looks up to Pearl.  She is still adamant that she is going to school soon.  I think when she gets there she will rule the roost.

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