Babess and Fainjin are scrupulous about wearing helmets when they’re on their bikes and scooter.  As soon as they decide to ride, they come and collect the helmets and put them on.  It’s a good idea especially for Fainjin, even though they only ride around in our driveway (with gates shut) – he is a bit of a daredevil when it comes to the hill.

They look amazingly cute, the helmets make their heads look far too big for their bodies so they are like little cartoon characters tootling around the place and chatting to each other about finding lemons and flowers and whether the thing on the lawn is a worm or a stick.

But when they come inside, Babess has to be persuaded to take her helmet off again.  “I want to be safe!” she protests, then climbs into my arms for a snuggle and nearly knocks my head off with the helmet trying to put her cheek to mine.

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