Food safety

This post is something of a follow-up to yesterday’s!

We had Babess’ birthday party today, an afternoon tea for family, godparents and close friends.  For something a bit different, I made Milky Way Racing Cars, having seen and admired them on the internet earlier.

Fainjin was fascinated by the car-manufacturing process, helping choose the wheel colours and which tiny teddy should go in which car.  We talked about them being racing cars and lining up to start the race.

When I thought I had finished, I stepped back from the kitchen bench, but Fainjin was concerned.  “But Mum, what about helmets?   Racing drivers should wear helmets.”

“Yeah,” said The Dad, unhelpfully, “they’re not safe without helmets.  Especially if someone bites them.”  Then he grinned and left the room so I could come up with an answer.

Fainjin was very worried and really thought I should do something to protect the bears.  I told him that they would be fine, because they weren’t going to go very fast (that was the best I could come up with).  He grudgingly accepted that.

I’m glad he didn’t realise (and The Dad didn’t mention!) that they didn’t have seatbelts either…

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4 Responses to “Food safety”

  1. PlanningQueen Says:

    How perceptive of your little one! Thanks for the link.

  2. Jill Says:

    Perhaps half of a peanut m&m? With the peanut taken out? Or a gumdrop, stuck on with a dap of something sticky? Oh well, if you’d wanted to be brutally honest your could have told him that it didn’t matter if the teddies hit their heads since they were destined to be horribly eaten alive 😉
    OR, you could have said that the bears’ heads were already quite hard, and that therefore helmets were not required. At any rate, I’m sure those little guys were quite delicious.

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