How does a dinosaur look after her baby brother?

Pearl didn’t have the greatest of days today.  I gather that school went fairly well, but getting there was a trial (apparently it was completely unreasonable and totally unfair of me to ask her to get up, get dressed, have breakfast, and have her hair done.  Four things too many!).

Coming home again was also fraught.  Fainjin was in her way, annoyed her by just being, and she was fed up with the whole world.

I advised Fainjin (and the rest of the family) to just avoid her for a bit while we settled in and got dinner going.  Fainjin pottered around between his room and the kitchen, coming to talk to me quite often.  At one point, we were talking about dinosaur books.  I remembered that when Pearl and I tidied her room and organised her bookcase at the weekend we had rediscovered the set of “How Do Dinosaurs…” books.

By now things were fairly peaceable again, so I said to Fainjin, “Pearl has some dinosaur books in her room.  If you ask her nicely, she might show them to you.”

Wonder of wonders, he went and asked her nicely.  And she not only showed him the books, but read some or all of them to him.  Then at dinner-time, she reminded him how a dinosaur eats his dinner and asked him to be a “good little dinosaur” (it didn’t work all that well, but still, points for trying).

After dinner, I found her reading him a bed-time story (not a dinosaur one), and then she gave him a “horsey-ride” to bed – rather an alarming sight, he’s not that much smaller than her, and she has quite a slender frame, I thought he might squish her!

Hooray for big sister dinosaurs.

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