Fainjin still really enjoys jigsaw puzzles.  He often asks for them to be brought out on weekend mornings, and will do two or three different ones.  Recently he has been looking to do “new” ones, ones he hasn’t tried before, which is stretching our inventory of small-child-friendly puzzles.  Babess is starting to try to work on ones with smaller pieces, too, although she always needs “holp” – which usually means she watches The Dad (or me) do the puzzle and offers enthusiastic encouragement.

It occured to me just this morning that they are probably reliable enough now that we could put one of the larger (500 or 1000-piece) puzzles out on the coffee table and maybe not lose any pieces or have the puzzle thrown around the room.  Fainjin might even help, and Babess would probably enjoy looking at it.

Then this morning we went to a craft market, and one of the stalls there was selling jigsaw puzzles!  Fainjin was instantly attracted to it, of course.  The puzzles they had were all 1000-piece ones, but with very clear small-motif artwork.  Rather to my surprise, Fainjin managed to complete a small section of the puzzle presented as a sample.

Of course, Babess and I had to wait around while he worked, but the stall-holders were very friendly and pleasant to talk to, so it was no hardship.

I was impressed with Fainjin’s concentration and skill.  If tomorrow is grey and cold again, perhaps we will get a 500-piece puzzle down and see what happens…

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