A home day

Yesterday Fainjin was distinctly unwell.  His cheeks were very flushed – in fact I suspected slapped cheek virus for quite a while – he was running a temperature, his nose was running, and he was tired and miserable.  At one point he fell asleep on the couch, but when we tried to move him to his bed, woke and protested feebly that he wasn’t tired, no sir!

I had planned to take him to the doctor this morning, but he woke a lot brighter, with no fever, no red cheeks, and just a runny nose and a bit of a cough (which makes his symptoms no worse than about 90% of the kids at daycare I suspect).  So we went to the library this morning then came home for a quiet day.

He happily built things out of Lego while I did dishes and laundry, and after lunch we worked on a 300-piece puzzle together.  It wasn’t the best one to do with him, not enough easily-distinguishable sub-pictures, but he seemed to enjoy it all the same.  Perhaps it was just that he got to sit next to me and work together on something for a couple of hours with no sisters to interrupt!

He sounded a bit croupy just after he went to bed, but all is quiet again now.  Assuming that remains the case and he’s ok in the morning, he should be fine for daycare tomorrow.

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One Response to “A home day”

  1. L Says:

    Hope he feels better! 🙂 And that nobody else in the family gets sick.

    Not last week, but the week before, we got calls from the daycare to come pick up our child, as he had a fever. Never got a callf rom them before, in over a year. First call: Monday night, 5pm. He was great by the next day. Second call: Thurs., 2:30 pm. Red cheeks, fever, lethargy (so much sleeping that day!) — so on Friday all three of us went to the doctor together. (I had stayed home sick Tu and W, R stayed home sick Tu, W, Th) .

    R and I were febrile and got antibiotics. Our son was perfect: perfect temperature, perfect ears, perfect throat, perfect breathing. A bit ironic, as we wouldn’t have gone if he hadn’t been sent home from daycare the day before! 🙂

    However, the antibiotics helped immensely. We both did the repeat that the Dr. thought we probably wouldn’t need – and we are *finally* feeling much better. Hooray!

    Hope you all are doing well.

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