We had quite a shake here today.  Literally – a 6.5 earthquake in the middle of the North Island, widely felt in our area.  I was sitting at the kitchen table (home with Fainjin, who has croup).  I would characterise the shaking as insistent, rather than violent, and it lasted quite a long time, about 30 seconds according to news reports.  For me, it went a bit like this: “something’s wrong… what’s wrong?… the kitchen door is rattling… why is it rattling? Fainjin’s not out there, he’s in the lounge… oh, the table is shaking!  oh everything is shaking! ummmm…”

Fainjin was unconcerned, I don’t think he even really noticed it – or if he did, didn’t realise it was a quake.

Pearl was at after-school care, and when I went to get her I asked whether they had felt it.  “No,” came the reply, “and you’ll never guess why!  We were all outside assembling for an earthquake drill!”

Nice to know they’re prepared!

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