It’s a sound salvation

A guest post from The Dad.

Fainjin was home again today, with the cough and runny nose not abating. And it was my turn to take a day off work to look after him. After Kate and Babess caught the bus into town, Fainjin and I took Pearl to school, stopping for a tour of the classroom where Fainjin watched with fascination a group of big boys playing with Beyblades.

We then went to get something we’d promised Fainjin a little while ago – his very own clock so he could see what time it was in the morning and stay in his room until at least 6am.  At the store which has perpetual sales, the digital clocks and clock radios were all half-price, so Fainjin and I studied the options and eventually chose one which he carried proudly to the cashier and back to the car.

Back home, we set it up next to his bed and he practised telling me the time.  Although it has a radio, the switch is hidden on the side, and as Fainjin can’t read I thought we’d be safe from him playing with it for some time. But he quickly found out that the Sleep button does the job. Thankfully the novelty wore off quickly and he found other ways to occupy the afternoon. But when Babess got home, he immediately remembered to demonstrate his new capability to her. They disappeared into their room, with Babess closing the door behind her and telling me “No Dad, you can’t come in ‘cos I’m going to DANCE!”.

Has a monster been unleashed? So far, it doesn’t seem so as they soon got back into their normal routine and were ready for dinner, and there haven’t been any unusual noises blaring out of their room since bedtime.

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5 Responses to “It’s a sound salvation”

  1. Reservoir Dad Says:

    Just when you’re looking for a moment of peace he will remember ‘the button’. You’re going to have to learn how to dance now.

  2. Mammasaurus Says:

    Ah the Lord of the Dance ! Everyone knows that dads aren’t allowed to get involved with dance moves 😉
    here’s hoping you don’t get a rude awakening at 4 am with a bit of Lady Gaga !

  3. L Says:

    I hope the cough/runny nose get better soon! We had something like that go through here – the snot waterfall would.not.stop. 🙂 Luckily, the illness did come to an end.

    Did the night go smoothly? Or was there extemporaneous dancing in the wee hours of the morning?

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      I think the runny nose is just going to be a winter constant, sadly. The cough is improving though. The clock seems to be doing its job – either that or the cough has been wearing him out, but he hasn’t appeared fully dressed and demanding breakfast before 6am for the past few days! There have been a few dance parties, but all in daylight hours (so far…) 🙂

      • L Says:

        I think that’s good? That the runny nose is a standard, run-of-the-mill sort? 🙂 We had a veritable waterfall going, for a while. Yuck. In the middle of it, one day our son woke up with a dried up mask covering his entire lower face. I felt really bad for him. It took lots of soaking with warm compresses to even begin to dissolve it. Yuck again.

        At least we ended up with lots of Kleenex boxes to play with!

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