Little brother

Pearl often says she doesn’t like her little brother.  She complains that he’s annoying.  I remind her that that is the job of little brothers, but she’s not impressed.  I also note, just quietly, that she quite enjoys playing with him and Babess most of the time.

This afternoon – before the little ones had arrived home – she was again expressing her ennui at having to put up with a small boy.

“Have you noticed,” I asked, “that he’s actually growing up quite a bit at the moment?  He’s turning into a real person – you can have a conversation with him.  He has opinions on things, and he knows stuff.  You might find it quite interesting just to chat with him.”

She snorted at me.

Fast forward a couple of hours.  Pearl had finished her dinner, and was drawing pictures at the table.  Fainjin was still eating.  Pearl showed us her drawing, of princesses, a baby and a cradle.

“I like the cradle!” I said.  “Is that a wickerwork hood on it?”

“Actually, it’s meant to be metal, with different shapes cut out of it so the baby can look up through them,” she replied.

“What sort of shapes?” asked Fainjin.  His big sister regarded him in astonishment, but overcame it to answer him.  “Cool!” he enthused.  “I think the baby would like that!”  They fell into a discussion on what different babies might or might not like, and how you could draw it.

At one point I caught Pearl’s eye.  She gave me a wry grin.  Perhaps he’s not so annoying after all – at least not all the time.

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