Attention span

At the weekend, Fainjin was pestering me to have the TV on.  I glanced at the clock.  “We can turn the TV on at 4 o’clock,” I said.

“It’s 4 o’clock now!” he claimed.

“No, it’s only 2 o’clock.”

“It’s three then.”

“No, look at the clock on the mantlepiece.  Nothing is pointing to the three.”

He went to look.  “It’s pointing to the two!”

“Yes, the little hand is pointing to the two, and the big hand is pointing to the twelve.  That means it’s two o’clock.”

He sat on the coffee table and gazed at the clock.  After a little while, he said excitedly, “It moved!”

“Yes, the big hand will move all the way around, and then the little hand will be on the three – and then it will be three o’clock.”

“Oh,” he said, not tearing his eyes away from the clock.  I went on with what I had been doing.

“It moved again Mummy!”

“Yes…”  I carried on with whatever-it-was.  He was silent for a bit.  Then:

“It’s on the one now!”

He had sat unmoving for a whole five minutes, just watching that clock.  He remained there for probably another five, before asking me whether we could make it go faster, and how long it would take to get to four o’clock.

Now, was that patience… or impatience?!

© UpsideBackwards 2011.


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