A skinny orange vegetable

Daycare had a dress-up day today and Babess was thrilled to wear her pumpkin suit.  This is an outfit we bought 4 years ago in the US, for -$5 (it was $5, but pushed our total just over $50 which qualified us for a $10 discount… so they essentially paid us $5 to take it).  It’s very cute, a little orange velour jumpsuit with green leaves around the neckline and a yellow jack-o-lantern face on the tummy.  It hasn’t had a lot of wear – Fainjin grew out of it before we really had an occasion for it.  It’s sized for an 18-month-old, and is the perfect size for Babess now.

She danced around as a “ponkin” happily all day, and proudly wore the costume all the way home.  Of course, she’s the least round pumpkin you’ve ever come across, which might explain why The Dad overheard a passerby say, “I think it’s a carrot…”

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One Response to “A skinny orange vegetable”

  1. Marita Says:

    That is Soooooooo cute, I can just visualize her 🙂

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