“Holping” in the garden

This morning the children were playing outside as The Dad was working in the garden.  While Pearl & Fainjin scootered around the place, Babess decided to “holp”.  She is always very serious and intense about making a contribution.

The Dad, busily weeding the bed next to the driveway, looked over his shoulder and saw Babess hard at work.  “What are you doing there, Babess?”

“I holping!  I’m making you a new road,” she replied, as she energetically shifted dirt out of the garden and onto the driveway.

Um, thanks, sweetie…

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3 Responses to ““Holping” in the garden”

  1. sue denyhm Says:

    Why does it that the only ones who enthusiastically want to ‘holp’ are the ones that are the least able to be truly helpful without creating more work for the adult?

  2. L Says:

    My dad tells the story of me (maybe fainjin’s age) helping him weeding – by pulling up all the annuals he’d just planted…

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