Good intentions

Last week, Pearl and I started discussing what to do these holidays.  There’s a school holiday programme she really enjoys, which is on two days each week.  Of course we have to go to the library (several times), and she’d like to see Cars 2 or Kung Fu Panda 2 – I might try to persuade her that Mr Popper’s Penguins would be an acceptable alternative.

There are friends we want to have over for playdates (or she could go to their houses), and I have a list of quilts to finish (and/or start) so we could perhaps have some “craft days”.

“I’m going to practise my violin twice every day,” she declared on Friday, walking home from school.  And earlier in the week, having tidied her room without even being asked, “Hey Mum, do you think I could keep it this tidy for the whole holidays?”

This morning, the first day of the holidays, we were “trapped” at home when builders came at short notice to fix our back door.  “What can I doooo?”

I gently suggested she could play her violin (I try to avoid the word “practise” now, and emphasise “play” since it should be fun, not a chore).  She rolled her eyes, snorted in contempt and retreated to the couch with a book.

I peeked in her room, and smiled wryly to myself.  It didn’t last long at all.

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