Reading is sharing

This morning in the car on the way to town, Babess and Fainjin both had small piles of books to keep them company.  Babess handed one of hers to Pearl and sweetly asked, “Please Pearl, can you read this?”

“OK,” Pearl readily agreed, then (mischievously, I think) started reading it silently to herself.

“You’re not reading it!” her little sister protested.

“Yes I am, I am reading it silently,” Pearl asserted.

“That’s not reading!” scoffed Babess.  “You have to talk about it for reading!”

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2 Responses to “Reading is sharing”

  1. Mammasaurus Says:

    ‘Reading it silently’ – bless ! Oz, my 2 year old likes to ‘read’ to me – usually the book’s upside down though !

  2. edwardsmum Says:

    Children are cute when they interact. I can’t wait for my son to meet his sibling =) due late December… Life will be much more fun with a sibling I believe! Can see how your kids are doing!

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