Long beautiful hair, shining, gleaming…

Babess was born with just enough hair that you could tell it was reddish.  It has been slow-growing, but now she has enough for two very cute pigtails, or a topknot, or even – if we’re both patient enough – two skinny plaits.

Plaiting Babess' hair, February 2011

She has only ever had a couple of haircuts, and the first time the hairdresser laughed at me for even bothering.  The second one (and possibly a third, if there was one) was just to tidy up the ends a little bit.

But now she doesn’t want pigtails any more.  She doesn’t like Mummy doing her hair in the morning.  She’s too busy for this nonsense.

“That’s fine,” I say, as I have said many times to Pearl before her.  “But if you won’t have your hair tied back and tidy, then it has to be cut short.”

This has always been too terrible a thought for Pearl to contemplate, she loves her long hair.  But Babess seized the idea.  “Yes!  I want it cut short!”  And she has repeated this wish a couple of times over the past week.

Fainjin needs a haircut fairly urgently, so a trip to the hairdresser is on the cards for next week.  Babess can come along, and if she still wants short hair, I guess we’ll cut it.  I know it will still look very cute, and she is very young and can grow more hair.

But still… sob!

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One Response to “Long beautiful hair, shining, gleaming…”

  1. Marita Says:

    It’s sad when it has just got long enough to put up and they want it cut.

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