Shopping List

The Dad and I were working on the weekly shopping list.  As we checked the pantry and cupboards to gauge supply levels for the essentials, Babess appeared in the kitchen in a state of great excitement.

“I hab a chopping list!  I hab one!”

“Excellent!  That saves us a job!” I said.

“What’s on the list?” asked The Dad, ever the practical one.  (She’s three.  Her handwriting is a little… illegible… so we have to ask her what she’s written.)

“Uuummmm jelly beans…  and cwackers…  and pasta… and cheese,” – mostly stuff we need, except perhaps the first one.

The Dad looked at her seriously.  “What about toast?  Do we need toast? Is it on your list?”

“Oh! No! It isn’t!  I go and put it on!” and she raced off, anxious to have a complete list to feed the family for the week.  So responsible.

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One Response to “Shopping List”

  1. Olli Miekka Says:

    Aaaaaah! That’s lovely.

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