Sunset magic

Over the past couple of days, we have had a terrible winter storm.  Lots of New Zealand that doesn’t normally get snow did get snow, and places where it’s not uncommon to have snow got more.  At our house there was no snow, but we got sleet, and cold cold rain, along with biting winds.  The higher hilltops did get snow.

Today was a crystalline, sparkling post-southerly-storm day.  These are my favourite winter days.  Days like today almost make the storms worth enduring.

So tonight, Pearl and I met The Dad and the little ones and we all came home “the long way”, driving around the coast.  It was gorgeous.  We pointed out the snow-capped hills, discussed how deep the snow might be even when from a distance it looked like a “dusting”, and wondered how cold it would be.

The sky took on a pinky-orange glow, and the glowing green sea displayed perfect curls of surf topped by luminescent white foam.

As the orange sunset deepened and The Dad and I agreed that the only thing more perfect would be to (finally!) see some orca (we didn’t), Babess piped up in a puzzled voice:

“How does the colour stay up in the sky?!”

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One Response to “Sunset magic”

  1. Marita Says:

    Oh that is beautiful Babess.

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