Night waking

Fainjin used to be dry at night, at least several nights a week.  We kept him in night-time pull-ups while we worked on day-time toilet training.  Now we are trying to move to no nappies at all.

We take him to the loo before he goes to bed, and again before we go to bed.   Sometimes that works, and sometimes he will appear in our room in the middle of the night to tell us he is wet.  Sometimes it’s twice in a night.  And so I (or The Dad) get up, clean him up, change the bed and his pyjamas, and crash back into bed, only to lie awake for an hour or so because now we’re awake and have lost the habit of night-waking, then fall asleep just in time for the morning alarm to go off and wake with limbs of lead and a pounding head.

Last night, desperate for a full night’s sleep, and with The Dad’s agreement, I put a nappy on Fainjin to go to bed.  I went to bed early and snuggled down with expectations of a lovely night full of sleep.


Between 2 and 3am, he appeared and wanted a “snuggle”.  He crawled in next to me and wriggled and kicked and flailed around, ignoring my complaints and requests that he go back to his own bed.  I was tempted to carry him back there, but lower back pain from the last time I did that persuaded me not to.

Finally he left and headed back to his & Babess’ room.  I dozed off.

I was woken again by singing.  Babess singing.  I suspect that Fainjin had turned on their bedroom light and talked to her until she woke up.  She’s such a happy little thing, she just sang herself back to sleep.  I asked her about it later in the day, and she said, “Oh yes! I was singing ‘Wind the Bobbin Up’ and ‘Finkle Finkle Wittle Star’.  Is that alright?”  So cute.  But kind of loud at that hour.

I dozed off.

Then Fainjin was next to me again.  Urgh. I looked at the clock, it was sometime after 4am.  “Mummy, what can I do until 6 o’clock?”  (We put a digital clock in their room and he knows that he’s meant to stay in bed until “the first number is 6”.)

I have no idea what I said to him, if anything, but he did disappear again.  So much for a full night’s sleep.

Fingers crossed for tonight?

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