The haircut

Babess was adamant. I gave her every chance to back out, but “Short!” she said, so short she got – and she is happy with it.  I like it too, it really suits her and is super cute.


Her hair looks thicker already! And in front…

a fringe!

There’s a single long hair there… I must find it and trim it for her.

When I took Fainjin and Babess back to daycare from the hairdresser, Fainjin ran off to join his friends, but Babess sat down to have a snack.

Fainjin’s best friend came running up to see Babess, and declared that “She looks just like J” – one of the teachers, who indeed has a very similar hairstyle.

Babess looked steadily at him and said, “Now there can be two Js, can’t there?”

Still, and perhaps even more, a force to be reckoned with!

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One Response to “The haircut”

  1. ginia Says:

    Adorable! She’s very chic 😉

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