Dangerous things, trees

Both the little ones have suffered tree-related injuries today.

This morning Fainjin tried to climb the tree in the car-park, which is admittedly large and temptingly climbable.  Our mouths were still open from asking (telling) him not to climb up there when he cried out and stumbled back, blood coming from his nose.  It was a small scratch on the side of his nose, but it did bleed quite a bit and he was upset.

And this afternoon Babess came home with a sticking plaster on her shin.  We’re not clear on exactly what happened.  She says it was a tree on the street.  It’s possible there’s an explanatory note at daycare that we missed seeing.  Perhaps something happened during their walk today.

Perhaps she was trying to be like her big brother… come what may!

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3 Responses to “Dangerous things, trees”

  1. eliza keating Says:

    I feel head first out of one a few weeks ago trying to put up a rope swing for my kid….needless to say no rope swing and i cant pass it without drawing it a dirty look..Eliza Keatingf

  2. eliza keating Says:

    sorry that should have read fell…call myself a writer …

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