We have had several bouts of gastroenteritis in our house this year, and we’re not alone.  Daycare has been fighting a long-running battle to eliminate the bug, the teachers are working extremely hard and have implemented lots of new protocols to minimise the risk of spreading or harbouring the virus.

At home, we’re being super-vigilant about hand-washing, and strictly observing the 48-hour stand-down after any gastric episode.

It’s all a learning experience, though.  Fainjin has been passing on little pieces of wisdom to me every so often.

“Mummy, germs can be everywhere.  They can be on your hands, or on toys, or in your food.  And bad germs can make you sick.”

“Washing your hands kills the germs, Mummy.”

“Hey Mum, did you know? Germs are reaaaaallly small.  So small you can’t even see them!”

And so, when I tell him it’s time to wash up for dinner, he skips off happily, “Time to kill some germs!”

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