Friendship, grace, and love

My very dear friend Susan, @WhyMommy, at ToddlerPlanet, is having a very hard time right now.  She is in a lot of pain.

Go Princess Army!! Team WhyMommy!

We had a great time together in the short time we had in Maryland, and she introduced me to some other lovely new friends as well.  I know many of you read her blog as well, and/or follow her on twitter, or perhaps even just feel like you know her because I have talked or written about her often.

She is a scientist – an astrophysicist, a little younger and a lot smarter than me, and her younger son was born the same week as Fainjin.  She is warm, funny, welcoming, thoughtful, charming, a great Mum to her boys and a wonderful friend.  She is also one of the most grace-ful people it has ever been my great fortune to call friend.

Please, if you can spare a minute, go over to her blog and leave her a comment, or send her a tweet.  Something cheering, a word of kindness (but not pity! never that).  She’s not writing much at the moment, but I know she is reading her comments and twitter.

Friends like Susan are a great treasure.  Let’s tell her how much we appreciate her.

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2 Responses to “Friendship, grace, and love”

  1. It's My Thoughts Says:

    What an amazing heart you have.. i wish your friend all the best.. and will defo visit her…

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