That one!

Babess sits behind me in the car, so I don’t have a great view of what she’s up to.  Being three, she also has the idea that I can see what she can see, which is of course often not the case.

Tonight she was reading a book.  Every so often she would say, “Mummy, what does this word say?” and of course it was behind me and facing the wrong way, so I would have to explain that I couldn’t see it.  Or just say any word, since she can’t read yet to know I’m making it up…

Then she asked me which picture I liked best.  I couldn’t see those either.

“The pink one,” I hazarded.

“Pink? There’s no pink one…” she was puzzled.  Because Mummy knows everything.

“Well, what colours are there?”

“Um, blue, and blue, and blue, and… um… blue.”

“Oh, ok.  I like one of the blue ones best.”

“Ok! Thanks Mum!”

Sometimes she’s remarkably easy to please.

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3 Responses to “That one!”

  1. A Cajun Down Under Says:

    Very cute. Wish mine was that easy.

  2. zomelie Says:

    My 6-year-old sits behind me and still forgets that I can’t see what she’s got. Then, after she’s been reminded, she will say, “Okay, you can look when we get to the next stoplight.”

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