Be prepared

“Come on, Fainjin!” I said, “It’s time to get in the car!”

“Just a minute Mum,” he didn’t even look up, “I just need to get my things.”

I saw a plastic toy picnic set knife disappear into his backpack, next to some books.  Then a toy tiger.  His purple teddy bear was squished into the main compartment.  I didn’t really want to ask why he needed a knife…

He was struggling to do up the zips, unsurprisingly given how many toys and books he had crammed into the bag.  He wrestled with them for a while, then defying my expectations, succeeded!  With a satisfied grin, he swung the bag onto his back and headed for the door.

“Got everything?” I asked.

“Yup.  Got the tiger, and the ABC book I can read all by myself, and some other stuff…  Bye, Mum!”

I smiled as my intrepid explorer set off for the day.

Wait, he can read a book all by himself?!

© UpsideBackwards 2011.


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2 Responses to “Be prepared”

  1. zomelie Says:

    Oh, the random objects of childhood.

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