I’m just surprised it hasn’t happened earlier

This morning, just as she was meant to be leaving for music, Pearl called out in distress, “Mum, I haven’t got any socks!”

A quick look in the clean laundry basket revealed no socks for her.  I looked in her room, and sighed.  As usual, there are clothes all over the floor.  Clean, dirty, who knows?  Some are kicked half-under the bed, some are on or in the bed, everything is scrunched up, walked-over, a sort of soft carpet half-over the toys and books also on the floor.

I spotted two striped socks, half inside-out, in the middle of the floor.  “There are yesterday’s socks, you’ll have to wear those,” I told her.

She looked at me in utter horror.  “I can’t wear dirty socks!”

“Well then you need to put them in the laundry pile when you take them off.  And when you get clean ones back, they need to go in your drawer.  Otherwise you run out of clean socks.”  I may have added, “As I have warned you over and over and over again”… hopefully not out loud.

Practically writhing with squeamishness, she reluctantly put them on.  Later in the day, when I reminded her, she found some dirty socks in her room and put them out to be washed.  She claims to have also found a clean pair in there for tomorrow.

Dare I hope a lesson has been learned, even temporarily?  I wonder how long it took me… that 8-yr-old’s-bedroom scene looked eerily familiar.

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