“I’m a Big Girl!”

Yesterday the Fabulous Auntie B brought us a big bag of clothes – a few things for Fainjin but mostly for Babess.  These are things her children grew out of years ago and she had forgotten were in her basement.  There were sparkly jeans, warm jackets, pretty dresses, and lovely hand-knits.  And about 8 pairs of towelling knickers.

So Babess decided this morning that she is Big now, and needs to wear knickers instead of nappies.  She has been moving towards this for a little while, taking herself off to the loo unprompted but still wetting her nappies often, and we haven’t been pushing the issue – particularly as it’s the depths of winter.

I asked if she was really sure.  She insisted.  And was wet through within half an hour.  She was cheerful about it, though, and even though we offered her a nappy at that stage, she went and got fresh knickers and re-dressed herself.

So off she went to daycare with two complete changes of clothes as backup.

She came home with two wet sets and a nappy on, but I think she’s made a decision.  For the next few days I might have to be extra vigilant about getting the laundry washed and dried though, so she doesn’t run out of clothes.

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One Response to ““I’m a Big Girl!””

  1. Stimey Says:

    Good luck to you, ma’am!

    It’s so cool that she wants to do it, but potty training is so terrible, no two ways about it. Hope she catches on quick!! 🙂

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