After the storm

This weekend we have had calm, sunny days, and the temperature has crept back into double digits – a marked contrast to earlier in the week with the snow and gales!

It would have been a great shame to waste such glorious winter weather, so this afternoon we took the kids and their scooters (and Babess on a parent-pushable trike) for a good long walk.  We were out for about 4 hours, exploring rock pools, clambering over things, rocketing along the straight bits, and sitting staring out to sea while eating chocolate.  We walked all the way around to the next village, where we got icecreams (and sat staring out to sea eating those) and played at the playground for a while.

Eventually we caught busses home, where the kids proceeding to hoon around the yard on their bikes and scooters, whooping and hollering.   Funny, I had thought they might be tired…

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