A keen social observer

Pearl sat a competition exam for mathematics today.  She tells me it went “quite well”; it sounds like she found a few questions tricky.  That is completely fine, as I told her – it’s her first time entering this competition after all, and we’re very proud that she was even chosen by her school to enter in the first place.

She sat a similar exam for English (reading comprehension) earlier in the month, and really enjoyed it.  She was nervous beforehand, but came home exultant.  I hope her confidence is well-founded, and/or that she won’t be too disappointed when the results come out if they’re not quite what she expects.

This morning she was more nervous, and cranky with it.  She refused to get up and get dressed, then snarked at everyone when she did emerge from her room.

Fainjin, meanwhile, was in fine form.  He was eating Sultana Bran Buds, which is only relevant because it’s cereal that comes in little square “parcels”.  He held five of these up in one hand, and cheerfully said, “Here, Babess, I’ll read you a story!”

“Once upon a time there was a biiiig family and they lived in a house with a new kitchen.  One name was called Daddy [he pointed to one Bud], one name was called Mummy-Kate [another one], one name was called Big Boy Fainjin, one name was called Little Babess, and one name was called Angry Pearl.”

I wish I could have heard the rest of the story.  But I was too busy biting the inside of my cheeks, and ducking out to laugh with The Dad.  I need to build up my resistance to this sort of comedy so I can report it more accurately in future…

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