No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader

Pearl and I had errands to run this evening after her choir practice, so as a treat we ended up having dinner in a cafe.  It was very pleasant, a lively busy place with great food and lovely service, and we got to have a bit of a mother-daughter catch-up.

I heard about the book she’s reading (well, the best one out of all the books she’s reading – like me at the same age, she seems to have four or five going at once), what they’re doing in maths at school, how hard the current orchestra piece is, and what she wants to do at the weekend.

Then she started telling me about the book she’s writing.  She’s up to Chapter Two, but apparently Chapter One is only one page long so she hasn’t written as much as you might think.  But she’s already got another book in mind, one for young writers like herself – it sounds like a handbook of sorts.

At this point there was a bit of a lull in the cafe noise, just as she was telling me the sort of thing she wants to put in this second book.

“I think it was Robert Frost who said…”

In the crowded cafe, the next table was only a few inches away.  I saw the distinguished-looking diner next to her do a double-take and shoot her a startled glance.  I suppose there aren’t many 8-year-olds who would (knowingly) quote Frost.

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