Baker boy

Fainjin has always been very interested in cooking, which is a bit weird since he’s so uninterested in eating anything except pasta and cheese or breakfast cereal.

I was doing quite a bit of baking today, as I had buttermilk to use up.  I’d bought it to make this cake for a friend’s birthday:

Raspberry & Lemon Bundt Cake

and it was a stunning success.  So I made another batch of cake batter today, and baked it into a raspberry-lemon loaf and twelve muffins – 6 without raspberries so Pearl can take them in her school lunches (she’s not keen on raspberries).  I also made buttermilk scones, which the kids enthusiastically demolished for morning tea, and buttermilk pancakes for lunch – those were beautifully fluffy American-style pancakes, I’d be keen to make them again for a nice brunch.

Fainjin was at my side almost the whole time, counting the cups of flour, supervising the other ingredients (I’m training him to fetch things from the pantry, and discovering that it’s quite handy to have the baking stuff down low!), and helping with the stirring.  The girls came and went, keen at the start and when the scones were warm but losing interest soon after.  That was quite good, in fact, because there’s just not enough room to bake when all three of them insist on looking over your shoulder.  They drag chairs over to the bench to stand on, and literally close me in.

Come to think of it, Fainjin had picked the lemons for the cake, too.  He’s a very useful kitchen helper!

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