Birthday list

Fainjin really wanted Pearl’s electric Smiggle eraser (rubber) the other day.  She wasn’t all that keen on him having it.  He gave it back, but was upset about it.

He hasn’t really wanted anything until recently.  Just in the last couple of weeks he has started to covet Pearl’s scooter – his has three wheels and he obviously thinks it’s beneath his dignity.  And now her rubber.

To ease the pain of returning it, I sat him on my knee and “reminded” him that when he’s a big boy heading to school in just a few months, we will get him a “School Box” with his very own paper and pens and rubbers.  His eyes went wide.  “I want one like Pearl’s but I want a green one!”

“Well, let’s put it on your birthday list then,” I said.  He’s never had a birthday list before, either – we’ve had to decide what he would like, since he didn’t have any “wants”.  I got the big diary out and made a page just for him.  I wrote down “scooter” and “green Smiggle”.  He caught on fast, and “farm Lego” and “BIG box of fire-engine Lego” were soon added.

The girls joined in the game, and pages for them were added.  This will be handy, come Christmas.  I started pages for myself and The Dad as well!

That night, as I put him to bed, he told me he had another thing for his list.  “I think I’d like… a book,” he said with his sweetest smile, and my heart warmed, another book-lover, “…called… Dinosaur Poems.”

The next lesson might have to be that you don’t necessarily get everything on the list!

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2 Responses to “Birthday list”

  1. Jill H. Says:
    Dinosaur poems!

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