When I arrived to pick Pearl up from school yesterday, she suddenly got grumpy.  To all appearances she had been completely fine until she saw me, then she started to lose the plot a bit.

“What’s the matter?!” I asked, as she was packing up her gear to come home.

She looked at me with tear-filled eyes.  “We haven’t done any reading today!”  She hadn’t realised until she saw me that it was the end of the school day, and she had been waiting and waiting to sit down and lose herself in a book.  I assured her that she could read for half an hour on the bus to choir, and she pulled herself together a bit, sniffling as she went to get her backpack.

Her regular teacher was away, and the relief teacher looked over at me, “Is she ok?” puzzled because the change was so sudden.  “She is,” I replied, “she just needs to read.”

All was well after the bus-ride, during which she read the whole time, and while she was at choir I went to the library and stocked up so she has new books to read for the next few days.  Like me, she finds the thought of having nothing to read difficult to bear.

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One Response to “Withdrawal”

  1. Susan @Whymommy Says:

    Oh, my heart! I love this!

    Does she write stories as well, or is she simply taking it all in?

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