Chocolate crackles

Fainjin was invited to a friend’s birthday party today.  It was held at a gymnastics club, and it turned out that Babess was welcome to stay as well, which was great.

It was very well set-up, with lots of equipment for the kids to play on, plenty of supervision, and the entire floor covered in soft mats (apart from the lovely sprung floor for tumbling on).

Fainjin had a great time climbing, balancing, swinging, jumping and bouncing.  He discovered that he can do forward and backward rolls, and really enjoyed playing with the big swiss ball.

Babess wasn’t so interested in the equipment, preferring to run around in circles on the sprung floor and occasionally kick a ball.  That was perfectly ok too.

At afternoon-tea time, Fainjin was very impressed with the chocolate crackles.  “Look Mum! Chocolate rice bubbles!”  Later I noticed he had four of the little paper cases on his plate.

I suppose I know one thing I’ll have to make for his birthday party in a few months!

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