E Ihowa Atua…

In the lead-up to a certain sporting event, there has been something of an effort to get New Zealanders to learn the words of the Maori verse of one of our national anthems (did you know we have two?!).  Just the other night, on the TV news, they were asking people in the street whether they knew the words and asking them to sing.

Babess loves to sing.  She was utterly enchanted by all this singing on TV, and merrily sang along.  I was pretty impressed that she seemed to have the tune more or less sorted out… at least the first two lines of the tune, over and over.  She doesn’t know the Maori words (or the English ones either), but she listened to what people were singing – which was only mostly the right words – and sang Maori-ish-sounding syllables.

Eh ee-wa-wa oh, oh, ah,

ee, ee, oh-oh, wa-wa, oh

ki-ka wa-wi, oh ah wa

oo-ah oh-ah ee ah ahh.

… Or something like that.  It was very cute, and not much worse than some attempts I have heard in a crowd “singing”.  She kept singing it to herself for ages, and I even heard her humming it to herself tonight after going to bed.

My little patriot!

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