For a change of scene and of pace this weekend, we decided to take the children to the Carterton Daffodil Carnival.

Spring is here!

This was a lovely way to spend the day, an old-fashioned country town fair, with lots of stalls selling lemon honey, relishes, home-grown citrus fruit, hand-knits and crafts, as well as the ubiquitous South American knits, finger puppets and pan-flute players.  We bought some lemon honey and fresh-made candy floss (of which Fainjin was deeply suspicious and refused to try), and the kids rode on merry-go-rounds and miniature cars.

Then we drove out to Middlerun and picked 6 dozen daffodils to bring home.  Fainjin initially picked just the tops, but I soon showed him how to follow the stem down to the ground and pick from there.  He carefully stepped over plants to get to one he wanted, then sat down on several surrounding plants to pick his flowers! Oh well… plenty of little kids were doing the same.

Pearl & Babess gather daffodils

On the way there and back there was plenty to do and see – baby lambs and calves indeed, although sadly no baby hippos.  We also saw pigs, horses, donkeys and alpacas, to great excitement.  There were Georgian flags everywhere, a cheery sight no doubt for rugby players a very long way from home.

And in Masterton we had plenty of time for what was pronounced “the best playground in the universe!

It was a good way to welcome Spring.

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