I promise you, it does

Fainjin is getting really good at staying in bed, or at least his room, until “the first number is 6” these days – in fact, we often have to wake him up on weekday mornings!

Weekends, however, there’s no need to wake him up.  He bounces out of bed and cheerfully comes to tell us “it’s daytime!”.  He’s often even fully dressed by 6:03am.

Next weekend the clocks go forward, so I suppose it won’t really matter for a while, but I’ve been trying to convince him that at the weekends he should stay in bed until 7am.  It’s worth a try!

So this morning when he appeared – fully dressed and asking for breakfast – just after 6, I reminded him blearily that at weekends he should wait until “the first number is 7”.

He regarded me very dubiously, and said uncertainly, “I don’t think my clock goes up to 7…”

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One Response to “I promise you, it does”

  1. Marita Says:

    He makes me laugh and smile. What a fabulous boy 🙂

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