We are going to Australia next month to see Grandma and Grandad, and meet two new baby cousins.  The children are very excited about this.

Pearl has a good idea of when it will happen and how things will unfold, but Fainjin and Babess still have a more fluid concept of time.  Every day they ask if we’re going to Australia yet.  On Saturday when I said we were going to the supermarket, Babess said, “And then can we go to Australia?”

They’re also a little confused about which cousins are where and belong to whom, which is not helped by some of their daycare friends having the same names as some of their cousins!  I’m sure they’ll figure it all out when they’ve met the babies and reacquainted themselves with the older ones.

Meanwhile, Fainjin is determined not to go empty-handed.  A couple of weeks ago (!) he gathered up a few of his toys, put them into a fuzzy purple handbag of Babess’, and declared the bundle to be “a present for the cousins”.   After a few days, he climbed up and put it on top of one of the high bookcases, for safe-keeping.  Every time Australia is mentioned (which is of course every day), he gestures to it and reminds us that he’s taking it with him.

He’s such a sweetheart.  But I must check what’s in it before we go…

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