A Spring Sunday

We all had a much-needed sleep-in this morning, no-one stirring much before about 7:45am.  The Dad got up to feed Fainjin and Babess (Pearl is having a couple of nights with her cousin at their grandparents’ place), and brought me a cup of tea in bed.

Fainjin was well-rested and full of beans.  He finished his breakfast in short order and went to play outside in the sunshine.  It was a gorgeous day today.

A little while later, he appeared next to me, red hair desperately in need of a cut and sticking up through the holes in his bike helmet.  “Mummy, can we scooter ’round the bay?”  He paused uncertainly, looked at me sitting up in bed.  “Um, after you finish your sleep?”

I had to laugh.  Then I felt obliged to get up, of course.  We didn’t scooter around the bay as he wanted to, but we did walk around a different bay and “look for sharks” as well as picking up a scrumptious lunch at the local market.  Hooray for spring!

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