A safe place

When we upgraded our kitchen last year, we got a dishwasher.  Callooh, callay!  It has been wonderful.  When we chose it, we were very concerned that it be as childproof as possible.  We chose one with a power-switch that is hidden when the door is closed, so that when the power is off and the door is shut (with kiddie-lock engaged), there’s no way a child can turn the dishwasher on.  They can disrupt the wash cycle by playing with buttons while the thing is running, but we tend to only run it in the evening after they’ve gone to bed, or as we leave for the day in the mornings, so that hasn’t been a problem.

At the weekend, Fainjin had a stick of lip balm that he was carrying around.  He tried to tuck it in his waist-band (he had no pockets), but I told him it would fall out.  “Put it on the kitchen bench,” I told him, “and I’ll find a safe place for it.”  I was washing Babess’ face at the time, so couldn’t take it right at that moment.

He disappeared.  Shortly afterwards, I heard The Dad growl with frustration.  I went into the kitchen to find The Dad rattling the dishwasher door while Fainjin looked on.

“What happened?”

“I wanted to put it in a safe place…” Fainjin explained shamefacedly.  He had put his lip balm inside the dishwasher handle.  Because of the construction of that very small hinged panel, it’s impossible to get the balm out.  The Dad gave up.  I had a go.  I thought I might be able to flick it out if I had a small right-angled tool… I got an Allen key and gave it a try.

Now there’s an Allen key stuck in the dishwasher handle, too.

If we run the dishwasher with the lip balm in the handle, the balm will melt and make a terrible mess.  So we are washing our dishes by hand again until the repairman can come to have a look on Wednesday.  The minimum call-out fee is $85.


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4 Responses to “A safe place”

  1. katesaysstuff Says:

    Oh dear!! Well I guess it was a very safe place!

    I had a little giggle at the stuck allen key though, I would do exactly the same.

  2. Marita Says:

    I’m curious if you have managed to get it out yet or are you still washing by hand?

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      The repairman came today and had to dismantle the door. The lip balm and Allen key came out (and nothing else was in there, we had been wondering!), then it took him longer to put it all back together. The whole job took about 15 minutes, and cost just under $100. He did say that the balm would not have melted as the handle-space shouldn’t get warm.

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