Scruffy no more

Today we went as a family for haircuts.  We were all looking rather shaggy and scruffy, but we emerged a much tidier group.

Pearl and I just had the ends of our long hair tidied up, and The Dad and Fainjin needed a fair amount cut back to look neat and tidy again.

Babess hasn’t had (or needed) a trim since she first got her bob in July, and I was suprised to realise how long it had grown, nearly down to her shoulders.  The fringe (or as she says, “french”) had been annoying both of us for a while, she was constantly brushing it aside to keep it out of her eyes.  This morning she told her daycare teacher she was going for a haircut “because look at my french! [she’d hold it down] It’s in my face!”

She sat quietly still during the haircut, regarding the hairdresser with some suspicion but cooperating well.  When time came to cut the fringe, it had to be combed down in front of her eyes of course, and the poor hairdresser was most upset when Babess’ eyes filled with tears.  She didn’t say a word, or move, and was cheered up when we explained that very soon she wouldn’t have hair in her eyes any more.  It was soon done, the fringe suitably short and the bob back to just below her ears.

My goodness, that little girl is cute with short (and neat!) hair.  Not that I’m biassed, or anything.

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One Response to “Scruffy no more”

  1. Marita Says:

    I love how cute my girls are with short (and neat) hair. Just wish they’d agree to cutting it more often.

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