A fine distinction

Packing for a family holiday in warmer climes, I dragged my sandals from the back of the wardrobe.  Babess was leaning over my shoulder, shadowing my every move.  She has always been keen on shoes.

“Mummy, your sandals are gorgeous!” she breathed.

“Really?” I regarded my several-years-old rather battered-looking summer footwear.

“Yes,” she explained patiently.  “Black sandals are gorgeous.”

“They’re blue actually,” I informed her, pulling them into the light so she could see.

“Oh,” she dismissed them.  “Then they’re not gorgeous.”

“Oooookay,” I wasn’t really bothered, just amused.

“No,” she said firmly.  “Blue sandals aren’t gorgeous, they’re beautiful.”

© UpsideBackwards 2011.


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