She’s small, but not *that* small

Continuing our “Playground Tour of Australia”, tonight we met friends for a barbecue dinner at a local park.  I must say, I have been impressed with the general quality of playgrounds we have seen on this trip.  Once again we found ourselves presented with a well-kept and very well-equipped play area suitable for several age-groups.  (It’s a shame the barbecues couldn’t cook a sausage in under 90 minutes, but I suppose you can’t have everything!).

Fainjin was thrilled that our friends had brought scooters, and did several laps of the bike/scooter track around the perimeter.  Pearl likes the spinning-things (what are they called?) and loved the flying-fox.

Babess enjoyed the sand-pit, and removed her brand-new sandals so she could get the full effect.  She soon spotted some ants, though, and became quite concerned.

She explained her worries to The Dad: “Oh no! The bugs might trip over me!”

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One Response to “She’s small, but not *that* small”

  1. Marita Says:

    ROFL I love Babess sayings 🙂

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