It is school fair season, so yesterday we went along to support a cousin’s school fundraising effort.  Pearl and Fainjin had great fun on the 7m-high bouncy slide; Babess wanted a go too but it looked a bit hazardous for someone of her size (lots of kids running and bouncing), so The Fabulous Auntie B took her over to look at the police car and the ponies instead.

Then they all got to select a temporary “tattoo”, since their cousin was working on the stall and would apply them.  For $1 each, Fainjin got a large pirate treasure and flag on his arm (which had him pointing to everything and saying “Arrrr!” the rest of the day), Pearl got a lovely jumping dolphin on her hand, and Babess got a little set of hearts on hers.

Now of course they are refusing to wash.

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2 Responses to “Inked”

  1. Stimey Says:

    If you just got them real tattoos, I bet they’d agree to take baths.

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