Crafts for the fair

As I have noted, it is school fair season, and this year I got sucked in offered to help with the craft stall.  I joined a group of very busy mothers who somehow found time to do lots more work than I did, putting together peg-doll kits, cutting pieces for soft toy kits, making aprons, sewing brooches, and screen-printing teatowels.

Mug cozy!

I made mug cozies. (And helped with some of the other stuff).  Now, I do quite a bit of craft, sewing and quilting and knitting and crochet and so on, but mostly I do it when the children are in bed or out of the house, whenever I get some “me time”.   It hadn’t occurred to me that the kids were missing out on seeing it.  They see the finished products, but not often the process.

Tonight I was finishing the last mug cozy before heading to the pricing-and-labelling night – the fair is this weekend – and the children were fascinated.  Pearl wants to learn how to crochet.  Babess couldn’t tear her eyes away long enough to go and put her pyjamas on.  Fainjin was sorting through the buttons trying to find just the right one (and arguing with Pearl over purple versus red).

I see crochet lessons for small people in our near future…

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6 Responses to “Crafts for the fair”

  1. Stimey Says:

    Look how adorable your mug cozy is! Love it!

  2. Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo Says:

    you are so clever!

    I have never been able to crotchet.

  3. Marita Says:

    You could have a cottage industry happening in your home with everyone crocheting together 🙂

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