The sweetest words I’ve ever heard

We had been out extremely late at a family party, just Pearl, The Dad and me.  Our lovely babysitter had stayed with Fainjin and Babess, making sure they got fed and into bed on time.

So next morning, I had had not nearly enough sleep when Fainjin arrived fully dressed at my side and started telling me what he was building with his Lego.  Since it was a perfectly decent hour for most people on a Sunday morning, I couldn’t tell him to go back to bed.  Then again, I wasn’t capable of telling him much to be perfectly honest.  Incoherent murmurs were about all I could manage.  It didn’t seem to bother him, in his enthusiasm.  He was certainly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Then I heard possibly the sweetest words ever spoken on a Sunday morning.

“Fainjin!  Come talk to Pearl! ‘Cos Mummy and Daddy still need to sleep.”

I owe her one.

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