Happy anticipation

When The Dad arrived at daycare at the end of the day, Fainjin and his friend were bursting with excitement.  They were going to have a playdate, they said, and Fainjin was going to his friend’s house for a sleepover!

“We’ll have to talk to your Mums about that,” The Dad said to them, stalling for time.

Oh no, the Mums had already talked to each other and it was all set up, he was assured.  They were convincing enough that The Dad called me on my cellphone to check the story.  I have never talked to this friend’s Mum, I didn’t even know her name!  We must come and go from daycare at different times.  So The Dad had to break it to the boys that Fainjin was coming home that evening.  He was disappointed, but still confident that “another day” this might happen.

Apparently the friend was heartbroken, having genuinely believed that Fainjin was going to his house that very evening.  We are working on a playdate for this weekend – although a sleepover is unlikely at this stage!

Meanwhile, Fainjin has been telling me of all the marvellous things he expects to find at his friend’s house.

“Do you know, he has pet crocodiles!”


“Yes! And it’s very dangerous to go in their cage. So he will go in their cage and bring them out so we can play with them!”

Hmmm. Perhaps this had better be a supervised playdate…  On the other hand, I wonder what sort of pets Fainjin has claimed to have here?

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