Mothers and fathers

Babess and Fainjin have been playing “families” recently, and it is very sweet.  Babess is usually the mother, and Fainjin is variously the father or a baby.  Baby dolls and teddy bears are roped in to be extra siblings, and there is lots of story-reading, going for walks in the dolly stroller (bears and dolls, that is, not Fainjin), and pretend dinner-time.

It seems to me, as an observer, that a lot of energy and discussion goes into the organisation of the game compared with the actual role-play.  “You do this and I’ll do that and then we can…”  Generally there are few disagreements and it is a very collaborative atmosphere.  Occasionally Pearl will join them, often as an older sibling.  It amuses me that Babess, the youngest, is “mother” to the older two.

And it was a sad-but-true reflection of the winter we’ve had, I thought, when Babess wheeled out a buggy full of “children” (two bears and a doll) to the kitchen this morning, and asked me to be their doctor because they were all sick.  (When I asked what was wrong, she told me one was green and the other two had coughs).

Thank goodness for Spring and some sunshine and warmer weather!

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