The monster under the bed

Babess was telling us this morning about the monster in her room.  She wasn’t really scared, more thrilled-to-be-thrilled and enjoying telling us a story.

Apparently there’s a monster which lives in her room, and it’s black.  It sleeps under her bed because it doesn’t want to sleep in her bed, even though there’s lots of room.

“Would you share your bed with the monster?” I asked.

“No,” – silly Mummy! – “I would come in with you guys.”  Ahhh.

Also, when the monster is finished sleeping under her bed, it comes out and eats all our food.  Fainjin interrupted at this point to enquire whether it was the monster who ate all the rice bubbles, since there aren’t any left?  The Dad asked why the monster doesn’t go to the supermarket to get its own food.

Babess shook her head seriously.  “No, it can’t, because: [pause for effect] all the monster food is. Too. High!”

So it’s a short black monster with a fondness for rice bubbles.

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