How Mt Laundry grows

Yesterday Fainjin came home from daycare with his face painted like a crocodile (again – this must be the third time in two weeks).  Before dinner, he decided to wash his face.

I couldn’t tell that he had washed it by looking at him.  But then Babess came and snuggled me, and she was covered in tomato sauce… So I went looking for a facecloth to wash the sauce off me, and her.  I knew there were clean facecloths in the bathroom drawer because I had just put them away.

Imagine my suprise to find a sopping wet facecloth in the drawer, on top of the clean, no-longer-dry ones.  Argh! I pulled out the half-dozen wet-to-damp ones, and cleaned up Babess and myself with some of those.  Oh well, they would have needed washing anyway, I suppose.

Then I noticed that the sopping-wet facecloth had a streak of green paint on it. A-ha! The culprit is caught red-handed green-faced.  “Sorry Mum!” crocodile-boy called out.  “Never mind, just remember the drawer is only for clean dry ones next time,” I said as I went to dry my hands.

And saw my handtowel covered in green paint.

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One Response to “How Mt Laundry grows”

  1. Marita Says:

    :: sigh :: face paint is evil like that.

    Heidi has finally stopped leaving apple cores in her drawers with her clean clothing. yay for our OT teaching her to put them in the bin.

    Now she is storing her leaking water bottles in there instead 😦

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